About Us

Jos Strawberries and Grains

Jos Strawberries and Grains is a Naija brand who have their business based in Jos. Jos Strawberries and Grains are primarily into the supply of fresh fruits, vegetables and Grains grown on the plateau to other states within Nigeria.

They also offer value added products such as Sand free Acha grain, Acha flour, selected kidney beans, cabbage flour, carrot flour, dehydrated strawberry flaxes, strawberry powder, tiger nut flour, beetroot powder amongst others. Their aim is to reach other parts of Nigeria with the goodness on the Plateau and to encourage healthy eating across the globe by making their products easily accessible and educating people on the importance of eating healthy.

They're also seeking to reduce the problem of food wastage on the Plateau, this lead them into dehydrating of fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.